Polymer Macrofibre

PolyMesh® structurally improves concrete, first of all increasing its tensile strength when bending.

The compressive strength of concrete is 10 times higher than its flexural tensile strength. Using concrete fibers in concrete PolyMesh® you thereby improve 10 times the strength of concrete in its only weak point.

PolyMesh® (fiber length 38 mm)

PolyMesh® (fiber length 54 mm)

Macrofiber PolyMesh® are twisted bundles of many single, super-strong fibers treated with a special adhesive composition.

With PolyMesh® fiber,  you can reinforce the entire volume of your concrete. At the same time, you comprehensively improve the performance of your product due to the uniform distribution of fibers throughout the volume of concrete.  When vibro-laying concrete, PolyMesh® does not fall into the lower concrete layer under its own weight, as happens with steel fiber.


fiber in concrete

fiber in concrete

Polymeric microfiber – fibers used for reinforcing various mortars, in particular concrete. It significantly increases the strength, as well as other technical characteristics of concrete products during operation. Today, such material as polymer macro fiber is in great demand in private and commercial construction.

The most important benefits of fiber

In order not to be unfounded, we dwell on the main advantages of the material, allowing it to occupy a leading position in the modern market.

  • Fire safety. Buy high-quality polymer fiber for concrete, Ukraine significantly increases the fire resistance of the structure. Classic reinforced concrete contains enough moisture inside that evaporates when heated, increasing pressure and causing the explosion of concrete and the destruction of parts of the building. The polymer fiber used prevents this danger, since it breaks up into harmless elements when heated, forming tubules through which steam can easily escape without the risk of explosion.
  • Resistance to corrosion. Fibers are chemically inert, they are not susceptible to alkaline and acidic environments, and are resistant to moisture. Therefore, polymer fiber for reinforcement significantly increases the service life of concrete structures.
  • Impact resistance. Adding microfiber can withstand significant loads, shock, vibration. It is often used when pouring concrete floors, increasing their wear resistance. Even when a massive object falls, a fiber-reinforced floor will withstand the impact without negative consequences.
  • The minimum coefficient of shrinkage. Another reason why polymer fiber for concrete (you can buy in any quantity) is better than other materials for reinforcement. During dehydration, the structure practically does not lose size, so concrete can be poured into the formwork without taking into account shrinkage.
  • Reduced labor costs. Quality fiber for concrete is the price of a quick concreting process. Unlike classical reinforcement bars, fiber fibers are enough to add to the concrete mortar. Thus, the construction time is reduced, and their profitability is increased.

Polymer Macrofiber in Ukraine

Introduction of modern technologies and materials into construction processes allows optimizing the industry as much as possible. One of such innovations is polymer fiber – it will not be difficult to buy material in Ukraine , however, this issue should be approached as seriously as possible.

macro fiber

macro fiber

To get a really high-quality product, it is better to start cooperation with manufacturers. Company FiberMix® is a manufacturer of a full cycle, we buy their own raw materials, manufacture and sell the product. Ready-made polymer microfiber – the price of reliable, strong, durable concrete.

You can order the fibers in any desired quantity at an affordable cost. FiberMix® company offers customers exceptional quality, confirmed by relevant certificates, favorable conditions for cooperation. Such material as polymer macro-fiber can be bought from us.

Stresses arising from the deformation of concrete are removed due to the large number of fibers of low density (more than 320 thousand per m3).

PolyMesh® Microfiber is the  best alternative to steel fiber.

PolyMesh® in concrete it:

  • increased bending strength of concrete
  • increase in impact strength
  • reduction of plastic shrinkage
  • high level of absorption of cracking energy
  • reduction of microcracking
  • acid and alkali resistance
  • increased cracking strength


Industrial concrete floors

Road construction

Parking, storage facilities

Tunnel and metro construction

Reinforced concrete elements (rings, trays)


Comparative characteristics

Comparative characteristic of steel fiber and PolyMesh®:

Type of fiber:
Steel fibers
50mm / 0.8mm 50mm / 1.0mm 38mm 54mm
strength, MPa
1050 1050 550-650 550-650
Length mm fifty fifty 38 54
Diameter mm 0.8 1,0 0,03 0,03
Quantity pcs / kg 5000 3200 162000 136000
Dosage kg / m3 25 25 2 2

Polymer Macrofiber PolyMesh®

Technical Specification of Polymer Macrofiber PolyMesh®